Good trip, tough race

This past weekend was the first time I had been in NYC for about 7 years and before going I had really been looking forward to it. I had lined up some good pre race clinic’s and talks, but mostly was just excited to be racing in a huge city and running in Central Park. Needless to say the race most certainly did not go to plan. After a really good swim, I led out of the water and executed the long run to T1 well enough to still be in the lead as we headed out on the bike. I made my way up a tight hill, got out onto the highway and made my pass of Ben into the lead about 5 minutes into the race. Then PSSSSSSSSSSSSS….

The single worst sound in all of triathlon. A flat tire. At first I did the quick look down at my tires to see just hoping that it was someone riding behind me, but as rough as the West Side Highway is, there was no denying my front rim was now riding on the pavement. I slowly pulled out of the way and just shook my head. I had gotten a flat in the same wheel the day before Minneapolis, so this was a brand new tire that had just punctured. In hindsight I should have had a pitstop on my bike, but as I found out later when trying to use one back in transition the cut was simply too big for it to hold. After the slow roll back to transition, I threw on the shoes and headed out for a run.

A flat tire retirement from a race is the absolute worst. You train so hard to get ready and then, its not even that you just had a bad day and got beat, but rather that you didn’t even have the opportunity to compete. Needless to say it was a very long flight home that night, but also good motivation to get back to work and get ready for Chicago and HyVee coming up in about 3 weeks.

On a more positive note I met tons of great people while I was out there for the race. On Friday I had the opportunity to speak with a group of VIP’s that were participating the Janus Funds Peak Performance Challenge. Then later that evening I did a classroom and pool triathlon specific open water swim clinic. I partnered with Imagine Swimming in NYC that is run by one of my good college buddies, Elliot, and we had a nice group of folks come out. Also HUGE thanks to Rudy Project, Nathan Sports, Blue Seventy, and First Endurance for providing awesome give away and raffle prizes for the crew of participants. It was fun to work with both young and old alike, and see the seed of triathlon planted in some young minds.

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