Lifetime Minneapolis

Lifetime Minneapolis and I have a special relationship. We’ve been seeing each other once a year now for 5 or so years and things are complicated at best.

There was the one year when I got taken out by a still unknown age grouper on the bike and broke my ribs. There was the year where LTF was my first race back after a broken foot that didn’t end all that well. Then there was last year, when we got hit with a biblical rain storm the morning of the race and things got shortened to a sprint. Did I mention I finally won this race last year? After 3 straight years of leading off the bike, only to be caught by one of my fleeter footed brethren, I finally was able to get to the line in first.

So this year as I was getting ready for the race I was thinking about a couple things. I really wanted to maintain and hopefully extend my Lifetime Series lead. I wanted to repeat as LTF champion, and I wanted to win the race on the full LTF course. If we were playing baseball .333 would be pretty good right…

This year it was the day before the race when the weather was a little sketchy, but when we woke up Sunday morning it was to overcast skies and cool temperature. Pretty much perfect conditions, with the exception, and in my case thats a big exception, the RIDICULOUS humidity. You know its bad when the Minnesota locals are complaining about how humid it is in July. But I went about my business as usual, and got in a good breakfast, a solid warm up, and got things prepped for a good day at the office.

Since Minneapolis is the first stop in this year’s Toyota Triple Crown, the women got a nice 10:01 head start on us boys, and after sitting on the beach and watching them get more than half way around the swim course it was finally time for us to get to work. I had a decent start and by the first turn buoy had moved into the lead. I wanted to try and keep the pace honest so that we could drop some of the lesser swimmers, but at the same time knowing I was doing the wave breaking I wanted to keep things under control. As we exited I was content with the effort, having been able to string out the swim pretty well, with only the better swimmers staying in direct contact. After a long haul up to the bikes I was first one out and onto the road, and was able to get things going on the bike pretty well.

At all of my races I try and take charge on the bike early, but in MN I think it is extra advantageous because the road surface is so bad, and the roads and narrow that the guy in the lead is dictating his own line as opposed to following what is left open for him. So when Ben made a play to go around me about 5 minutes into the race I took the D.A.R.E motto to heart and just said no. After a little surge I was back in control of my own destiny and off to the races. I wasn’t feeling great on the bike, but at the first turn around could tell that I had been able to put in a bit of a gap over Ben and the other riders. As with any race where Hunter and Greg are involved more is better and I really tried to crush the pedals around the course. By the time I got back to T2 my lovely wife was able to relay to me that I had 45 sec on Ben and 3mins to Hunter with Greg somewhere in the middle. I was feeling ok running, but was starting to realize just how much sweating I was doing in the humidity, and starting to question if I had drunk enough on the bike to be hydrated at this point. Now I know I have the best nutrition in the world in First Endurance, but if I am not smart enough to drink what I take out on the bike because at 30mph it feels nice and cool, well thats all on me I guess.

It became apparent about 2 miles in that this was going to be another really long run around Lake Nakomis for me and I did my best to contain the damage. Ben was running really well and ate up the 45 seconds in just over 3 miles, and I was able to keep Hunter just a bit in the rear view after the second lap to hold on for 2nd place. It seems like a once a year thing for me to underestimate the conditions in regards to my fueling so in some respects I guess I am just glad I got that out of the way already for the year. On the whole I had accomplished my goal of maintaining the Series lead as well getting the point primes for the fastest swim and bike which was the top order of the day.

I am in the midst of finishing up a very short but needed 4 day mid season break, and now it is time to get back to work and get ready for the next race in the Lifetime Series at the NYC Triathlon on August 3rd.

On to the next one, where hopefully the humidity will be less and my liquid consumption will be more…


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