Season End Break Report

What an amazing season! In the end it was by far my most successful season, but once it was done I think I needed a bit of a break more than ever. At the end of every year I take a 3 week training break. When I say no training, I mean the only time I ran was across a road to avoid getting hit, and the only bike I was on was a cruiser ride with Liam and Natalie. I did not touch the pool. Not for any reason, and if I could somehow stay clean without showering I would have done that too.

I am always a bit surprised when people ask me if I have a hard time taking a break. I can never figure out what they mean really, or how they think that after training my butt off for the better part of a year consecutively that I would struggle to give my body and mind a break. Quite the opposite in fact. I love my 3 week break. It is a chance to catch up with friends, spend more time with my family, and do some things I can’t do during the season. Namely, Vegas vacations, football tailgating, and other shenanigans not known for their race performance enhancement.

Here is the break in a nutshell:

Family time. Can’t get enough of it. Just waking up and hanging out with Liam and Natalie all day without trying to fit in workouts was amazing. We got to hit up the pumpkin patches for Halloween, and the little man got dressed up the like cutest penguin on Earth. Can’t believe how fast the last year has gone by since Liam was born, but now that he is walking and running around the house life continues to get better and more interesting.

Wagon ride at the pumpkin patch

Yearly pilgramage to the place of my higher education, IOWA. Every year since I graduated in 2006, my brother and I have made a trip back to the IC for a football game at the end of the season. Last year my wife did the unthinkable, and with a new baby told me to take the trip. I still owe her for that. This year was a little easier as Liam is not so difficult and sleep isn’t as hard to come by, and my brother and I had a great time catching up with my old swim buddies. The only bad part of the weekend was the actual game. Worst Iowa game in the last decade, but it wasn’t for lake of environment. Kinnick was rocking, and I will always be a Hawkeye!

Black and Gold baby!

Vegas baby, Vegas! Two years ago my finance at the time Natalie, and I hit up Vegas for a weekend. After an amazing trip we decided we would hit the Strip every year for a weekend of ridiculousness. Well, last year with Liam being born the trip never happened, so this year we decided no matter what we were going back! Gotta say thanks again to Natalie’s parents for taking Liam for a few days and letting us Eat, Drink, Gamble, and tear up the town.

When in Rome…

Alas, all good things come to an end. At least for this year, and as of this past week it has been a slow, steady march to get back into shape. Personally, I like starting back to training a bit heavier and way less fit than you left it. Makes you appreciate being in shape and gives you a little extra motivation to get back there.

Life is wonderful right now. Loving the off season and getting excited about 2013 and trying to follow up the year I just had with an even better version!

Safe travels, happy training, and make sure to grab a beer or a doughnut. It makes the season more enjoyable!

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