My Wind Tunnel Adventure from Triathlete Mag

Wind Tunnel testing with Pearl Izumi

Me and the numbers

Check out the Triathlete Magazine article on my trip with Pearl Izumi to the Low Speed Wind Tunnel in San Diego earlier this year. Aaron Hersch does an awesome job describing in detail exactly what it is like in the tunnel, how the test is run, and what the athletes and tech people are looking for.

One thought on “My Wind Tunnel Adventure from Triathlete Mag

  1. Hi cameron
    I saw your bike profile in lava magazine and it looks great!! I have the same kestrel and looking to get a new aero bar set up. I was wondering in order to use the di2 brake/shifter did you have modify the shimano pro missile bars because it is listed as not di2 compatable but it must work. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Best of luck this season racing!!

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