Second half of camp…

We have now been in the desert training like its our job for 9 days. Things have been going great, and things have been going not so great. From a training stand point things have been off the hook. Putting in huge hours on the bike, and some quality mileage on the run. Not so much in the pool, but I can swim in the snow at home.

The not so good has been my gut, which has been rebelling against me for the better part of the week. The cause is totally unknown, well at least with any certainty. Could have been any of the numerous buffet’s we have indulged while here, or the most likely culprit is a 1/2 gallon of milk that was not past its date yet never quite tasted right. But like any good swimmer I just keep eating it. Needless to say there was some super uncomfortable training, way to many trips to the john, and a bottle of Pepto, but in the end all seems to be well once again. Which came at the perfect time as our 5 hour ride would have been pretty miserable with tons of stops.
Since there were no stops, and the climb up Mt Lemmon was great with Cliff English and some of his crew, Justin and I had probably our best training day of the camp. We put in a solid 35 hrs this past week and then took it easier yesterday, and today the legs were back in business. Which again reminds me that triathletes that never take easy days are nuts. This sport is just too hard to never ease up a bit.
Post ride we hoped the treadmills for a controlled interval session and then the pool for an easy back and forth. Tomorrow is a long run and ride and will be a great way to finish off this camp.
As for now The Hangover is on TV and my ability to focus on this had dwindled mightily so till next time…

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