Desert Camp Update #1

Today is the fourth day that I have been in Tucson, AZ at The Lodge in Ventana Canyon with my man Justin Park. We came down here to do some big miles and make sure we were getting good sleep and recovery in between. Now Justin does NOT have a baby and therefore the sleep thing isn’t that big, but having my own lil 4 month old trouble maker who has decided life is too cool to sleep through, it is a big thing for me.

First day here we got in a solid run and swim and then had Cliff English, Justin’s coach, give us a two wheel tour of the Tucson. The following day we did our first ascent up Mt Lemmon, getting up to the mile 14 marker with some good interval work. Then we headed down and out into the desert for some flat riding. Followed that with a good quick brick run and a short swim and called it a day. The third day was a big long run down on the river trail, which is actually a pretty awesome flat paved trail with a nice gravel shoulder most of the way. Got in my longest run ever and felt good until the last couple of miles. We finished off the day with a couple hours on the bike before sitting down to watch the Super Bowl.
That first 3 days was the biggest 2 days I have ever put in, as we trained almost 16 hrs. Then for some reason I woke up the next day a bit under the weather. Not sure exactly what was the cause, whether it was something I ate during the game or simply my body saying slow down. Yesterday was a much easier day with what just turned out to be a swim and some core work, and today may be similarly easy. Just want to make sure that whatever it is, I get over it quickly and can get back to hammering out some good training down here.
The place we are staying is nice, but the best part of where we are is that Natalie has family down in Tucson so she and Liam came down for a few days to see her family. It has been awesome to live the spartan training life but at the same time get to see my family a little bit each day.
Now its time to go for a run and see who the body responds, fingers crossed the worst is behind me…

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