Off Season Update #1

This year the off season came a little earlier than usual with the arrival of my son Liam. After finishing off the season well at Dallas things around the Dye household have been crazy to say the least.

It started off pretty innocently the first couple weeks after Dallas with me taking my two weeks of absolutely no training and trying to just enjoy the new little man and some much needed down time. After those two weeks completely off, starts the next two weeks of what coach calls “transition” time. Not as in changing shoes, but as in slowly getting back into the water and on the bike and out for a run here and there. Nothing hard, no more than a couple workouts a day. Also getting to add in lifting again which I love from my days as a swimmer. I feel like for me lifting adds just enough of a strength element that I see big gains on the run and bike every year and it also keeps me injury free over the winter when I am putting in long base miles.
Unfortunatley, my transition training was interrupted but an extremely 4 day stay at Children’s Hospital in Denver. What started as a couple of worried parents taking a son with a distended belly to the ER, turned into a helicopter ride for the lil man to Children’s and a subsequent 4 day stay. During that time there was a surgery that went from “absolutely necessary” to “nothing was wrong with him”. There was a round of antibiotics that were started for an infection that didn’t exist, and finally a diagnosis of a virus that Liam just had to fight off on his own.
Now that probably sounds like the Dr’s were crazy and did a poor job, but quite the contrary they were wonderful. Apparently Liam just displayed this virus very differently than most, and produced some alarming X-rays that turned out to be just fine. The Doc’s and nurses at Children’s were amazing, and my wife and I owe them the biggest thanks for taking such good care of us in such a scary time! In the end Liam is perfectly healthy and now I guess has a stronger immune system for his trouble.
Training has been going just fine. Still haven’t done anything hard but have gotten in some good longer rides and some good runs. Just built up a new cycle-cross bike which after watching last weeks Boulder Cup I am extremely excited to get out on. Not sure if I will do any races, but should be a great extra bike to spend some time on this winter.
Other than that it has been the off season as normal so far. Eating some unhealthy food, drinking a few more beers, and enjoying some college football.
Check out the Q&A fellow pro Andrew Starykowicz and I had on his blog about past success’ and next year’s plan for more –
I will try and add three tips for off season success at the end of each of these, here are the first:
1. Let yourself get out of shape. Being too fit for too long is hard on the body. You need to rebuild at some point so you can make gains on all your hard work.
2. Spoil yourself. If you want an extra scoop of ice cream or an extra beer have it, you hold yourself back enough during the season.
3. Cross train. We swim, bike, and run all season find something else to help with the boredom of the same ol same ol. XC ski, hike, cycle-cross, just something a little different.
Enjoy the off season, have a beer, and GO HAWKS!

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