If I were a football player, as I often am in my dreams, this would be the week where all I herat practice is DEFENSE! For the first time in my five year career I will be attempting to defend my title at the 2010 St Anthony’s Champion. On top of that I am coming off a win at LTF South Beach a couple weeks ago, so trying to keep that ball rolling as well.

During these past three weeks I have continually tried to remind myself that this is the exact same race as any other, 1.5K/40K/10K as fast as possible. Doesn’t matter what number you have on your arm, or who is behind you on the start list you gotta show up and race. I saw a great quote by the greatest b-ball coach of all time, John Wooden, the other day that really struck a cord with me.
“You can’t let praise or criticism get to you. It’s a weakness to get caught up in either one.”
I sort of took that and paraphrased it a bit to be: you can’t let your good or bad workouts/races get to you. No matter the previous outcome you still gotta show up.
Now, I am no one famous and that is certainly not a new quote or thought but I think it helps keep things in perspective. I just won a race, so what! I just had an awful workout, so what! The bottom line is that no one race or workout mean anything by themselves so you have to be able to refocus and keep your goals in mind. Quotes are cheezy, especially sports ones, but I love ’em. They always hit home and get you thinking.
So going into the weekend of a big race, sporting the #1 its still all about racing, gotta show up and make something happen. Really excited to be heading back to St Pete. Lots of good friends, and will get to introduce everyone to Natalie.
Safe travels to those racing St A’s or anywhere else and I will see you on the beach Sunday morning!

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