Training in Tar Heel country

If you follow Slowtwitch, or my twitter then you know that I have been down in North Carolina for about a week now training with Justin Park leading into this weekends race. The real reason that I came down here was to run with one of the better runners in the sport and try and log a good little run block here at the end of the base season. Things on that front have been going really well and I am starting to get excited for the start of the season.
On Thursday Justin and I will be heading down to Claremont, FL for the Elite Sprint Nationals. It is the same race that I did last year as a season opening development race but this year there are actual ITU points on the line and a start list worthy of at least a mid season world cup. Its certainly not the focus of the season but will be a good hit out leading into the first major of the year in Miami in about 3 weeks.

Also since I have been here Herbert, from Slowtwitch, was kind enough to come over and spend the day with us this past Friday for the above story. It was a bunch of pictures from an average day in my training regimen and even though I am not ever in NC it covers the basics. That is one of the best parts of this job, that it can be done almost anywhere.
Only bad part of the gig so far has been missing my lil Natalie. I know sappy, but I’m a newly wed so deal with it!
Now the question to answer as the season is here, is how long to let the hair grow?

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