My season was a doughnut…

This past week was the first week of my two weeks of no training, and I gotta say it was awesome! Don’t get me wrong I love my job, love training and racing. I love the travel and all the other parts of the triathlete lifestyle, but about Nov 1 every year I just need a break.
What did I do in my week off, well I did a lot of nothing. I spent some quality time on the couch. I ate a lot of doughnuts. I had some beers, and even went out a couple different times. Seeing as I just got engaged, and then moved the wedding up to Jan 1, I have been running around a lot trying to get that planned out, and I gained roughly 3 lbs. I was ok with that, but it is going to make my initial goal of gaining ten lbs in the down time pretty tough this week. Although I am going to Iowa for the OSU game, so nothing is impossible.
Also, this past week I tried to reflect a bit on the year as a whole and over a meeting came up with my general thoughts on the year from a training/racing viewpoint. Ironically enough, my view of the year was that it was a really good one, but like my new favorite food had a sizeable hole in the middle.
The year started off great with a 2nd in Mazatlan, winning St Anthony’s and a couple other top fives, but then hit a sudden wall when I stress fractured a metstarsal in my right foot and couldn’t run for 6 full weeks. After I came back the going was slow with some ok races, and then the season ended with good ones in Dallas, the Super Sprint, and Amica. Most importantly I got engaged to the love of my life, so racing aside it would have been an amazing year.
Sat down with Coach this last week, started designing a plan and a schedule for next year, and starting to think how to improve for 2011. We came up with the basic outline of the year and now just have to fill in the details.
Now I have one more week to relax, plan, and get fat and then it is back to work. Might be tough the week of Thanksgiving but you gotta start sometime. Its mostly base volume and technique anyway to start so the goal will be to find the fun in it.
Will try and get wedding updates and weight gains on here with some regularity, but the wedding is going to be a small family/friends affair here in Boulder on New Year’s Day 2011. Figure what better way to start the new year, and I will absolutely never forget my anniversay!

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