Labor Day Camping/Training trip

Over the weekend, Natalie, myself and Diesel jumped in the truck and headed to the mountains for some camping. We headed towards Aspen and camped on Independence Pass. The weekend was a good relaxing vacation but as it turned out a good training weekend too. Matty Reed happened to be up in Aspen for a wedding so he and I did a good long ride on Saturday and then a long run on Sunday. It was a nice weekend away from home, that was unfortunately brought to a reality check halt when we were driving back towards Boulder and saw what looked like a volcano cloud coming out of four mile canyon.
Since Monday at least 69 homes have been lost in what is being deemed the worst fire in CO history. My heart goes out to those that have lost their homes and the brave men and women in the canyon trying to save the ones still standing. Hopefully the wind doesn’t kick up again and they can get it under control soon. Remember to be thankful for what you have…

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