Back to sprinting…ITU style

Well the latest development in my race plan for the year has been that it is time for me to once again be a sprinter. Now its not quite the same as when I pretended to be a sprinter in the pool years ago, but this is triathlon sprinting, 45 mins of pure fury!

This weekend I am heading down to C Springs to do the elite development race and hopefully help my boy Allen line up his pro card for next year. After that it will be time for some speed work as I will be heading to Lausanne, Switzerland in 3 weeks to take a crack at the big boys of the ITU at Sprint Wold Championships. Then the best part of the upcoming races I think will be the second day of racing in Lausanne, which will be the sprint team relay. Two men and two women on a team each tearing apart a tiny course for 15 or so minutes.
Then it will be back to the states for a trip to Chi town, one of my favorite races! So now gotta keep the foot healthy, find some speed in the legs and harness my inner Popov-Cavendish-Bolt!!

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