Lifetime Fitness Recap

Well for starters Keving Collington’s blog earlier in the year about athletes not posting when injured is pretty much right on. I have spent the last 6 weeks rehabbing a stress fracture in the middle metatarsal on my right foot, and finished my longest run in 6 weeks during the 10k portion of Lifetime. The good news is that even after pounding out a relatively slow 10k I am glad to say my foot seems to be pretty much healed up and hopefully ready to train again. Anyway, on to the race…

Spent the weekend in Minneapolis with my girlfriend in my first ever trip to the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon. I have never done it in the past because it always coincides with the Boulder Peak, and being from Boulder that race will always have a place in my heart. This year I decided to persue the Lifetime series a bit and that meant hitting up MN. Weather wasn’t too bad although it was definitely humid on race day and the crowd was awesome, with at least a couple thousand people on the beach to watch the start.
I had a good lead out in the swim and spent the whole time at the front trying to be as relaxed as possible but knowing I needed to lay down a good split to break up the field. Once on the bike I hung back a bit for the first 5 miles letting Matt Chrabot dictate the pace and get my legs under me. But around mile 5 it was time to make my play and take advantage of all the riding I have been doing while not running. Picked up the pace and never looked back being able to put a full minute in between myself and Matt Reed and Chrabot when I hit T2. As I was running through transition I heard the announcer say that through the ride I was actually on course record pace, which considering who has done that race made me very pleased.
The run was a bit of a struggle and when I got caught at mile 2 I had no answer but really just tried to think about form and do the best I could with some pretty dead legs. I faded all the way down to 6th but was still able to out sprint David Thompson which was a good sign. Foot was good, and I am back racing. Now it is just a matter of figuring out what race is next.
I promise, more blogs to come, and hopefully no more injuries. Back on track and ready to go…

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