2010 is underway

Yesterday was the official start of the 2010 race season and it was exactly what I needed. Flew down to Clermont, FL last Wednesday to train with Jarrod Shoemaker and his crew down here for a couple days before doing a USAT draft legal sprint on Sunday. Got in a couple good days of outside riding and running, not real warm down here but definitely warmer than Boulder. Didn’t rest much for the race as I was planning to train through it so showed up yesterday unsure of what was gonna go down.

Race day was perfect weather, apparently more what FL is supposed to be like, but it was sunny and low 70’s. Water was still a really cold 55 but with wettie’s and the sun it wasn’t so bad. Since it was a pro/am draft race had a good start number in spot 3, and took advantage and went way wide with Brian Fleischmann to hopefully get a quick swim start and try and break the race open early. Swim was really short, only 750m, and even shorter because the first and last 150m was running and dolphin diving. I got out well, came out of the water in second with Flash on my heels and had a good run to transition. Off with the wettie, and on the bike…then it was time to burn rubber.

We headed out hard and by the first turn around Brian and I had a solid lead that we would continue to build on throughout the bike. It was a nice re-creation of Musselman a couple years ago, and hopefully a good preview of some breakaways to come this year. By the time we hit the run we had a large gap and I was able to hold on for a second place finish with a solid run. Brian only put 30 seconds into me which is a solid improvement over years past and any time you can stay ahead of runner like Jarrod its a confidence booster. Run is coming along, got some real positive feedback from some knowledgeable spectators, and am really excited for Mazatlan ITU on the 20th to see what I can do with a little rest, and a little less beard. Thats right…I raced with a beard and hairy legs, but hey still gotta stay warm training in the 303.

In all, solid training week and good race start down in Clermont. Huge thanks to Jerry Brown for putting me up for the week! Good times with Training Camp South…now home for some work and then to MX for the real deal! I promise, pics of my new racing suit and bike when I get home.

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