-Bullet pts

– Colorado Mammoth lacrosse is a must see…incredibly entertaining, cheap, no bad seats in the house.

– Even though the pro bowl had its highest ratings ever, who cares if the real pro bowlers aren’t playing. Just make it a selection without the game.
– Just read an article about youth athletics, based on the idea that it takes 10,000 hrs or roughly ten years to reach your full potential in a sport. Totally buy the idea, still gives me hope for running!
– Allen “The Answer” Iverson is not an All-Star…period. Apparently educated fans don’t vote.
– I ran 15 miles on Sunday, my longest run yet, and although foot is a bit sore really good to be putting in the miles.
– Sponsorship is still up in the air but shout outs to my 2010 partners in crime thus far…Mix1, Rudy Project, Breeze Bars, also psyched to be back on board with Blue Seventy.
– Best drip coffee in Boulder… Peet’s and Ozo…you were right Tim
– My boy JD White just started up his newest real estate business. If you are in the Denver/Boulder area and need to buy or sell hit him up. Got me my place… www.theedgedoes.com
– Training is going well, life is great, awesome to be happy and healthy right now, getting psyched to throw down in Mazatlan March 2oth

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