Solid weekend

Just finished up a good weekend complete with a great concert, good movie, awesome run.

-Friday night headed down to the Grizzly Rose for a Cross Canadian Ragweed/Randy Rogers Band concert. Now if you know me, or have ever known me you know I have always been a bit more of a hip hop fan than a country guy, but I gotta say this was an awesome show. The Rose is awesome, huge place, great concert venue, and you can buy your beer by the six pack at the bar. It was my present to my bro for his birthday and we had an awesome time
-Saturday had a good long ride with Lance, and then went out to dinner and drinks with friends. Shot some pool, and grabbed some ice cream.
-Sunday had the best long run I have had in a long time if not ever. The foot is continuing to come around, but my legs feel great, have leaned up a bit and am starting to be able to put in some more miles. Getting really excited for the season. Then this afternoon finally got to see Avatar 3D…we have tried 3 times and it was always sold out. James Cameron is amazing, the movie was ridiculous and I have a feeling my dreams will be pretty crazy for a while to come.
Big week of training ahead…starting to get ready for race season!

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