Read Born to Run

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall is a great book. I have been working on my running form and playing around with barefoot running for a couple months now but reading this book really put some science behind the whole idea. The theory that people were made to run without orthotics and big shoes makes perfect sense. But we have been so ingrained with the need to buy bigger, more supportive shoes that it almost seems counter intuitive. This book talks about the tribe of super runners in Mexico that are arguably the worlds greatest endurance athletes, but it also touches on America’s best, and makes a heck of an argument about the large decline in physical and mental health in America because we have gotten away from barefoot running. I think every rec runner, pro triathlete, and average joe should read this book. For me it was huge motivation to continue to work on my form, my foot, and chase the desire to be the best I can be. But for the average 9-5er I feel like it could be the spark they need to stay in the gym past February every year, or to get back to the days in high school when they really liked running. Running can be so much fun if you just get out and enjoy the scenery. Today I had an amazing run, best one in a long time and there are only a couple things I know of that can top a good runner’s high. Read the book and get out and start moving. Ha I know, not what you expect from a swimmer!

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