1st and 10 in 2010…

Yes, I know I am a triathlete but I live my life in general sports metaphors not limited to endurance sports. That being said, it is the first day of the new year and as an American I figure it is my duty to come up with my resolutions for the coming year. However, I can’t really think of a major problem I need to change so instead of a resolution, I am just making a list of things that will help the overall success of my plans for 2010.

As I have said in previous posts, my motto for the year in 2010, both for racing and life, is “ALL IN” So here is a bit of the ground work for my All In year:
-Do everything “ALL IN”… live, breathe, eat, train, race, travel, love, and learn
– Continue to climb the triathlon ladder, both in world rankings and prize money
– Do a better job of staying in touch with friends and family… hopefully get to more weddings and alumni gatherings
– Be a more influential part of the continuing growth of the sport of triathlon and its healthy lifestyle, both locally and nationally.
– Keep the fantasy league in a strangle hold, 4peat is a dynasty right?
– Appreciate everyday that I get to continue chasing my dreams. As Lance Armstrong said, “No bad days, just good ones and great ones.”
– Make sure the people that mean the most know it
There, I have fulfilled my duty of determining how I will better myself over the next year. 2009 was a huge step in the right direction for me in a ton of ways. It was certainly not always easy but in the end I would have to consider it a success. 2010, look out, gonna be a big one!

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