Coolest X-mas gift

Christmas was this past Friday and it was another great day with the family. Spent the morning cutting an awesome mullet-hawk in my bro’s hair before heading to the parent’s place for breakfast and presents. Always love my Mom’s rolls on X-mas morning and then after presents we went and saw Invictus. Follow that with an awesome prime rib dinner and X-mas was an awesome day of relaxing with the family. Like my Mom said, its great to all be able to still spend a full day together on X-mas!
Now the reason for this blog is because my brother gave me probably the coolest X-mas present ever, not only because it in itself is amazing, but the meaning behind it is what keeps me chasing my dreams! It is a piece of blue stain wood that he got in mountains this year that he wood burned some stuff into. There is a picture of the flatirons, the always present symbol for my hometown of Boulder, CO. One of my favorite nicknames of all time from college, “BOCO Fury,” which came from an ability to always seem to be able to find a way to through down at the end of swim practice no matter what had come before. Finally a verse from the Bible, ” Rise up: this matter is in your hands. So take courage and do it.” That sums up my relationship with my family and racing…full, undying, unwavering support! Without it I would never be able to dream as big as I do and put everything I have into it. Thanks B-rand!

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