All in…

Just had the best run of recent memory and it was just one of those times when I couldn’t imagine doing anything else right now but racing and training. Woke up, had my coffee and breakfast and headed to Rally to hit the weights. I was supposed to do a 30 min run to warm up so as per the recent usual started with 5 min barefoot, then 20 with shoes, and then another 5 barefoot. Now it wasn’t a fast run, probably averaged 7:20 or so, but everything just felt great. I had my headphones on, staring at the mirror and just ran. The foot wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t an issue and as my playlist rolled on I got to one of my most recent favorite songs called “All In” by Grouch & Eligh. Its a great song but as I ran I was hearing the words and decided this is my new approach to training, racing, and more or less life.

“All In” G&E
It’s all or nothing, gotta be all in
Be all in, gotta be all in, be all in
Yeah it’s all or nothing!
Be all in, gotta be all in, be all in
Yeah it’s all or nothing

Do everything with a purpose, and full steam ahead!

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