Look around…

Now, Christmas is almost here and for whatever reason it seems like it is this time of year when the corny sayings and stories are in full effect. Today I had the day off running but needed to do some cross training so I headed up to NCAR to go for a little hike. Now I grew up in Boulder, so hiking the Mesa trail should be nothing new, but to be completely honest I’ve only done it maybe a handful of times.

Unfortunately, growing up here I realize now that I really took Boulder’s Best for granted when I was younger. I mean, my HS CC team used to run 10 mins and we were on some of the nicest trails in the world, but that was what we did every day so I never really thought twice about it. Once I went to college and came back I really started to realize how cool of a place Boulder is and how many unique opportunities it has. Now, there are definitely some things about Boulder I dislike but lately I have really noticed a lot of the awesome things we have here.

Slow down, look around, and make sure you are enjoying where you are. You never know when you might decide 4 years in Iowa City is a good idea… haha I’m just kidding, IC is the greatest college town in the world!

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