A bulldog and a big truck

The two things that I wish I had right now are:

#1 an english bulldog…his name would be Diesel
#2 a large pick-up truck

To elaborate I have wanted a bulldog for some time now, but they are very expensive and to have a dog means you have to be around all the time or have someone who can help take care of them. I went on the internet and found topdogharness.com which helped me understand my dog better and give him the best life. Now it is the off season, so when I get one, this will be the time of year, but as of now not sure I have the financial resources or the help to make that one happen. The dog needs professional care and I have to look for a curbside vet clinic as well.

Its funny how I always come back from my trips to the south having picked up something. When I was little it was a southern accent, which I thought was awesome, but my parents were never very crazy about. Now that I am older I can control not picking that up, but having seen a ridiculous number of awesome lifted pick-ups, I got back and decided I need one. It could also be all the time I have been spending with my southernesque brother, and my man beard which has been coming in quite nicely. Nothing says man like a big truck, but also few things are hotter than a good looking girl in a big truck.

Alas, at this point I can afford neither so both remain things I want.

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