Foot keeps improving

Just finished up some good running in the snow, which is definitely one of my favorites ways to do an easy run. Not too cold, sun out a bit and plenty of the white stuff to plow through. It was my longest run since coming back almost 5 mi. I know HUGE Sunday run, but its baby steps at this point still. Foot is continuing to improve, been spending a lot of time barefoot and doing some barefoot running at the end of all my runs. Seems to really help keep my foot loose and landing the way its supposed to. Trying to overcome all the over-compensation of the past year plus.

Congrats to Michael Raelert and Julie Dibens for big wins yesterday at 70.3 World Champs. Raelert dropped a 69 on the half-marathon to run away from the field which is just ridiculous.

Iowa played a great game and had a big day from a freshman quarterback in his first start but came up a bit short in overtime at OSU. Still a great season for the Hawks!

Still enjoying the off season, good training, relaxing, trying to get things lined up for next year.

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