70.3 Champs predictions

Well last big race of the triathlon season for 2009 is upon us. Should be a great race with some of the best guys to ever take on the distance. My top 3 on the men’s side goes something like this:

1. Matty Reed
2. Tim O’Donnell
3. Joe Gambles

I know, I know the first two are everybody’s favorites but I think they are just that good, and Joe is a bit of dark horse but he has been laying it on thick this year and should for sure be in the mix. It’s a shame they moved the swim into the harbor and out of the ocean, come on its world champs let them swim in the waves!

Oh yeah and Hawkeyes v. Buckeyes 1:30 mtn time…for all the marbles. Hey, maybe you can win with a bunch of freshman, after all it is Iowa football.

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