Weekend thoughts

Well the undefeated streak has come to an end, but the season is far from over for my Iowa Hawkeyes. Lost a really ugly game and our starting quarterback to Northwestern on Saturday leaving us at 9-1, dropping to 10th in the BCS but still leaves us with a shot at the outright Big Ten title if we can roll up the Buckeyes in Columbus next week.

Went and saw the new Warren Miller film last night and was really impressed. It has been a couple years since I have gone to the opening weekend viewing they have in Boulder every year and I was glad to be back. The footage was sick, the subjects were really interesting and to be honest the lack of Warren Miller’s voice was actually really nice. Its not that I have anything against him, but by the end of his movies his voice just isn’t what I want to hear anymore. Not to say that Johnny Mosely is the greatest MC ever but he wasn’t bad and it was a nice change.

On a more personal issue, but foot is still improving and I almost his double digit miles for running this week…ha. Tweaked the cleats on my bike shoes off of a tip from Tim DeBoom who had been dealing with plantar this year so we will see if that continues to help.

After seeing the results from Huatulco World Cup today I am really bummed I wasn’t able to go help the Americans, but Matt Charbot threw down a big move on the bike to get away and secure victory and Jarrod Shoemaker had a great run to lock up third. Although it was hot and humid the course and the tactics would have definitely played into my favor. Still on the schedule for next year so thats hopefully where I will be ending the 2010 campaign.

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