Can’t get no respect

The Iowa Hawkeyes are undefeated, a clean 9-0. Yet somehow after watching them stomp IU on Saturday I didn’t hear the Hawks come up again during any discussions of undefeateds or national title contenders. In fact I watched an entire segment on ESPN about the 7 undefeateds and they talked about all 6 except IOWA…not even a mention.

If you like numbers we are #4 in the BCS but the computer using all its infinite wisdom has us at #2 ahead of both Alabama and Texas. We have beaten all 3 top 25 BCS teams we have played with Ohio St coming up in 2 weeks. Did I mention we are 9-0… as in no losses unlike Oregon or USC. And that 2 of those big wins were on the road.

Iowa wins games in the 4th quarter, and we find a way to win when maybe we shouldn’t. Kirk Ferentz is the greatest coach in the game right now hands down taking the players he can get and getting the most out of them. No its not the SEC, but a win is a win so at least give us credit for what we have done, and don’t count us down until, as you are positive they will OSU actually beats us. Which by the way will be a huge dissapointment for the Buckeyes. Hawks stay undefeated…I’m not Rodney Dangerfield, but we can’t get no respect.

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