Heading down south

Leaving today to go to Tennessee to see my grandma and watch/run a 10k with my Dad. Looking forward to the trip. It has been far too long since I last saw my grandma and considering the 20in of snow we have on the ground here it will be nice to run outside if the foot permits. It is always interesting to head south. The food is awesome, and by awesome I mean tasting, not good for you. The people are really laid back and friendly and the weather is for the most part pretty good. Hoping I can get in some good fried food, get a chance to see my grandparents farm again, and maybe put in some work on the place. I used to love my trips to the farm. Not sure if it was the novelty of the idea, or just being outside working with my hands, but growing up those were definitely some of my favorite vacations. Should be a good trip, spend some time with Dad, and see some relatives.

– Iowa is #4 in the BCS and barring a collapse in Columbus in 3 weeks will be playing for the national title.
– I hate the Yankees, so watching Cliff Lee demolish their “unstoppable” offense was great.
– My beard is still coming along nicely, I’ll throw up a pic soon.
– My foot is getting better and will hopefully get in my longest run recently on Sat. in the 10k

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