Denver Donkey throwbacks are great

To be quite honest I am not a die hard Denver Broncos fan. I know I have lived my whole life in CO and should therefore be a lifer, but for whatever reason only got excited about them when they made the playoffs, I mean I guess I like them more than any other team. But my love of the Donkey’s grew dramatically when they wore throwback uniforms last week from I believe ’62, and ’63. Hopefully you all saw them as they beat the Patriots but if not enjoy the pic. These uniforms are so ugly that they are awesome. What I really want are a pair of the brown and yellow vertically stripped socks…come on what would those not go with! Anyway, this week they are on MNF rocking the away version which is white and brown, also cool but not quite ugly enough for me.

They are playing the powder blues of SD which are probably my favorite uni’s of all times, but the brown and mustard were great.

Side note the beard is going on 11 days and is coming along nicely!
Second side note…the Iowa Hawkeyes are #6 in the first BCS poll. Go Hawks, enough said

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