It’s beard season again

Once again fall is here, and although it has felt like winter in Boulder, that means some major changes are here. The leaves are falling, everyone is pulling out the leg warmers and gloves for riding, and most are putting away the board shorts, or at least wearing them less. Baseball playoffs are here, but this year who cares with the Sox and Rockies out, and fantasy football is once again a daily adjustment in prep for Sunday’s battles. But most importantly a large population of the men in this country decide it is once again time to give there testosterone a boost and grow the most manly, Paul Bunyanesque beard they can. I for one am going all in this year. In the past the girls I have dated have denied me the opportunity to reach my beards full potential, but seeing as they are all now ex’s maybe this is just the thing I need to get back on track. A big man beard.

So in the spirit of beard season I say let you man flag fly proudly and grow what your momma gave you. If it’s patchy who cares, at least you are trying, and if you have the ability to grow the king of all mountain man beards, then by all means let ‘er rip. I myself fall somewhere in between. With my white hair I hope someday I can get a part time gig as Santa Clause, but for this year I am doing it for those not fortunate enough to yet have the capacity (do work Bdye) and to keep my face warm on those long winter rides. I’m just not a big fan of the balaclava so I am growing my own.

Happy Beard Season Gentlemen…make your cave man side proud

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