Recap of recent events…

I have done a poor job of updating this recently as there have been no races, and I took some time off of training, but now training is back on, without running still, but its coming along. A lot has happened recently in the world of triathlon. This last weekend was Kona, which for most people is still the definition of the sport of triathlon. Congrats to Crowie for a comeback repeat performance, and to Chris Lieto for the ballsy ride he threw down. I know what it feels like to be out in front and get run down its hard, but with that effort its got to be nice to know that he could win it. On the shorter front the Lifetime Fitness Series finale was in Dallas last Sunday where I am happy to say my boy Matty Reed threw down the gauntlet and stayed away from the boys beating out GB and a hand full of big name ITU guys. So he won the race and the series, big money, big things.

Since I called my season about a month ago now I obviously was not in Dallas where I would have otherwise been, but was instead making the yearly pilgrammage back to Iowa City with my brother. Since I wasn’t racing we went back this past weekend for the Homecoming game against Michigan. It was great trip. Was nice to spend some time with Brandon on our drives to and from KC, and it was great to see a lot of the old college buddies. Nothing like football and tailgating in IC. Also if anyone reading this works for an airline could you please tell them that Denver to Cedar Rapids or Des Moines is a good flight and they should start it. United is just too damn expensive! Hence the fly to KC and drive to IC.

On the foot, have been working a lot with Josh Shadle of Tri-Massage here in Boulder and seem to be making some headway. The plantar is for the most part gone, although I am still in a boot, and now just trying to right the lateral part with all the edema and inflammation. He works with a cold laser that seems to be helping.

Today should be a good day. Had a good swim this morning, speed seems to be slowly returning in the water and am headed in a bit to the indoor cycling track for a workout. Haven’t ever ridden on it, so we will see how that goes!

Go Hawks 6-0 baby!!!

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