Foot update

Yesterday started really early, up at 4am to catch a 6am flight to Chicago for my MRI. Big thanks to Dr Hunt of the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute for helping me out with that. After racing at worlds and talking to a lot of people it became apparent that the only way to really diagnose my foot was going to be the MRI. So got that done and found out the really good news that I don’t have any breaks, fractures, or tears. In fact ironically enough I went and had the most advanced look at my foot to find out that it was in fact the thing that I originally tried to treat, plantar fascitis. Now it is a little strange because it is only the medial cord of the plantar fascia but the treatment is the same, so I am back in a night splint for awhile and hopefully this time it will fix the issue. The other newer issue on the outside of my foot is still a bit foggy, but from the first examination of the MRI it seems to just be some serious edema around the peroneal nerve that is causing the pain. Get the fluid and inflammation to go away and hopefully goes to the pain. Anyway, good trip to Chi-Town nice to see an old swimming buddy, and thanks again to Dr Hunt.

As far as training goes, I had my two weeks completely off…which were awesome, and am now slowly getting back into things. Started riding and swimming this week and will get on the elliptical tomorrow for some simulated running. Hopefully be back to the real thing soon! Obviously I would rather be heading to LA to race this weekend but the break was good and now I can start training for next year.

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