The flip side of the race…

Since my race season is unfortunately over, and I happen to know a couple of guys that put on races here in Boulder today I was out at the Oktoberfest Sprint Tri to volunteer. I got stationed at the mount/dismount line and had a really good time, cheering people and helping make sure the beginnings knew what was going on. I gotta say I really applaud the people that did the race this morning. It is really cool to see so many beginner triathletes out there just to have some fun and accomplish a goal, in this case finishing a triathlon.

I had an interesting conversation with Dick, a member at Rally who was working with me about a comment he had read in some triathlon publication. Basically a woman had told someone she knew that she was proud of being a triathlete because she had just finished her first race. the person that she said this too asked what race she had done, and when the woman responded just some local sprint, the other woman said, “Oh you’re not a real triathlete unless you do Hawaii.”

First off, to the woman who finished the sprint, congratulations and welcome to the community that is triathletes. To the woman who said all of triathlon is the hawaii ironman, get over yourself. You mean to tell me that the reigning triathlon gold medalist, Hunter Kemper and any other number of Olympians and world class athletes aren’t triathletes because they don’t do Ironman? I hope that lady isn’t so ridiculous and closed minded about all things in life. A triathlon is an event consisting of three things usually swimming, biking, and running, and if you finish the race, you are a triathlete.

That said I want to say congrats to the guys and gals at Without Limits Productions for another great season of races. You guys do a tremendous job of bringing new people to the sport, and making sure everyone is having fun. I will definitely try and do at least one of your races next year. Congrats to all the people that finished and Kirk Nelson for breaking the course record.

It was nice to be able to help out at a race since I annually do so many and so many people volunteer at those races. I need to do more giving back, but I really enjoyed the change of scenery and the commeraderie of all the triathletes, new and old….yes even at a sprint!!

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