Down Under

So far this trip to Australia has been great. Gold Coast reminds me a lot of Miami/Ft Lauderdale area with the nice houses, big sky rises, and intercoastal type water ways. The hotel we are at is ok, we have little kitchenettes and decent size rooms. The running has been great at Coombaba Park, I saw a koala bear yesterday and some more kangaroo’s. Swimming is ok in the local pool but the water is still way too hot. Today is the course familiarization for the swim so we will be in the ocean. Be nice to check out the current and see what that will be like as well as finally see how warm/cold it is and whether it will be wettie or not.

Unfortunately right after Chicago I started struggling with a new foot issue that has been a real pain as far as running but fortunately we have an amazing team of massage and chiro here that has been a huge help! Chamille, and the crew have been great and they think my new problem is a compensation issue from my long standing foot issue, but they have been amazing trying to treat it and help me figure out what to do when I get back. I don’t think it will be an issue for the race but I need to get it right before start hammering out the training again next week.

Since today is 2 days out of the race is will be a really light training day with just the swim and then the elite briefing tonight, but in the meantime think I will head down to the beach and watch some of the surfers, read a bit and relax.

I am really bummed that the rugby match on Saturday night between Gold Coast and Brisbane sold out in less than an hour but I am still psyched to catch it at a bar after the race. Getting really excited about the race now as it wis getting closer and we are starting to talk more about tactics and strategy. Hopefully everything is firing on all cylinders by then and I can crush the swim and ride and help put someone on the podium.

All is well down under, cheers

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