Crit… take 4

So this morning did the Niwot Criterium in lovely downtown Niwot, CO. The course was a one mile loop and we covered all of downtown, ha. Anyway, got to the start line about 3 min till the start and as anyone who has ever done a bike race knows that means I was in the third row back. What is it with these guys getting to the line 15 mins early. They need to Southwest bike races and give everyone a number to pick your spot. Anyway, had a slow start and sat in the first lap. This course is crazy tight, really sketchy and has two back-back 120 degree turns. As we went through on the first lap the awesome cat 4 gents who don’t ride much all decided to take a corner wide, so they just ran into each other to get outside, crash #1 averted. Had to come to a stop and throw down to catch back up but considered it the end of my warm up. Sat in the back for a couple more laps and about 15 mins in threw down an attack and jumped off the front. Got a good gap but realized getting back on after the crash had taken more out of my legs than I thought so after 2 laps in the lead sat up and waited. The good news was I had destroyed the peleton and it was only about 25 guys now, no more rif raf, or so I thought. Had a good couple laps and then we were at 5 to go so it picked up a bit, but stayed with it, was going well until wiht 1.5 laps to go someone else slid out, took out two dudes and pushed me to the barrier, but I stayed up, just once again stopped. More chasing to do. I got back on and when I did said what the heck and went on the attack. Led through the first half of the lap but knew I couldn’t hold on so I considered myself lucky, sat up, and stayed out of the way. Finished a bit off the group but in one piece and feeling like it was a good effort. One of the strongest riders but if you have any reservations you will not win and with 2 races the next two weeks figured it was better to stay on the bike. Got in a good 1 mi fast brick run, then headed home. Good day at the office.

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