2 good days of speed

Tuesday is run day and Wednesday is bike day. Both days are really fast. This week both days were really good. Yesterday we were down at Viele doing hills mixed in with 1k repeats. If you know the area, you know the grassy hill near the FHS teachers lot, where the cross country course goes. We were doing two reps up that hill, hard up, ez down, then jog over to the start of the 1k loop by the SBRC parking lot and fast 1k around the lake. I had a great workout, doing four rounds of that going 3:02 on the final 1k. The hills do a great job of simulating the bike and make the 1ks much more like race efforts, not just a fast 1k. They were great for me because it forces me to learn to run tougher, and relax when I am hurting. Both will be huge skills come the flying pace that heads out of T2 at World Cups.

Today was another great day of workouts that started with a good speed session in the pool and followed right away by a ride, and then a brick run. On the bike, Grant and I warmed up and rode 36 out to Lyons. Then starting at the quarry heading back to Boulder we started the 30 min tempo ride. Grant was supposed to do the whole thing at about 330 watts and I was supposed to sit in and then sprint ahead, come back, do it again, working on breaking away. We started the effort with me going 1:15 behind G, and having to throw down to catch up. Once I got him I felt good and threw in some wicked sprints to break away. Legs feel really good, especially considering yesterday getting really psyched for Tizy. Thanks to G for doing his best Rehnshaw impression on the lead out work. Tomorrow is a big swim, hopefully get rolling good in the water too.

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