Look the part…

Here is a pic of my new ITU suit. Big thanks again to Kiwami for hooking me up. At least now I will look like I know what I am doing when I take to the streets of Tizzy to rep the USA. Check out the Amphibian and their other suits at www.kiwamitri.com

On another note, Contador had secured his spot as extremely questionable and for all intensive purposes a real poor champion of the sport of cycling. And its a shame the the ridiculous all rubber suits in the pool have finally toppled the worlds greatest record. Last night Ian Thorpes amazing 400m free record was broken by a 22 yr old German. While the guy is not unheard of even he said afterward that the suit gave him at least 1.5 seconds. Now credit to the guy for being honest about the suit, but its got to be somewhat bittersweet for him to know that he broke the unbreakable record because of his suit, even if it was legal at the time.

Swimming is such a pure sport that is really seems sad to see it go the way of baseball in that we now need asterisks for the records. Because of FINA turning a blind eye on the problem of the beginning it snowballed and now there are going to go retroactive by almost a decade to back when jammers were the suit of choice. Its amazing how much technology has impacted a sport that can be done in your birthday suit.

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