BVSSL Finals and crit/run

So the big event of the day was the BVSSL finals meet. It is an all day affair that culminates the summer league swimming season. The Rally Sport Manta Rays, the team I coach, had a great meet topped off by winning performances by PJ and Logan, both of which ended up with a high point award. The team finished in 11th, which was a huge improvement over last year and a big step in the right direction for the future of the program. This was I think the 7th summer that I have been involved and this was one of the best seasons yet. Tomorrow we have our end of season team banquet which should be a good time.

However, before I even got to the meet this morning, I headed down to Lakewood to the Denver Federal Center for a crit bike race. I am a cat 4 so we were the first ones to go at 8. I got in a good warm up but never really felt like my legs had much pop. The course was almost 4 miles long with 20 turns and because it was so many turns the field decided to do the first lap as a neutral lap with no real racing, sort of a preview. Then the race started on lap 2 and as we started it they announced there would be a prime for that lap, first one around gets a 12 pack from the beer sponsor. About 3/4 of the way around I made a move to try and go catch a single guy that had broken away but just as I neared him I didn’t have that extra gear and the field brought me back ending my chance of my first real sprint victory. After that my legs were good enough to cover moves and stay in the group but not get out ahead or work a break away. I think on the whole my power was good but no pop. Then of course being a triathlete, while everyone else headed out for a cool down lap I rushed to the car, stowed the bike and threw on my running shoes. Did a 10 min 10k effort which went ok, didn’t feel great to start but kind of worked into it, and then a cool down before hopping in the car and jetting to the meet. All in all a good workout, one that can’t be mimicked in practice and a good day at the meet.

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