One of my fav’s

Today is Wednesday so that means that it is bike interval day. Most of the time we roll up to BCSM to the pain cave and throw down on the computrainers. Today though we were outside doing one of my favorite cycling workouts. It is repeats up to NCAR in south boulder. Do a warm up ride down to SOBO and up Table Mesa till you get to about Lehigh and then crank it at LT wattage up to the top of the hill right at the beginning of the parking lot. Then you turn around, haul all the way back down to Lehigh, flip a U and head right back up. Works out to be about 7-8 mins of effort 2-3 rest on the decent. Today we did it 5 times for a good lil effort and some solid power work. I was really stoked with how strong I felt all the way through and I think my position on the my road bike is better now that I changed the seat post around. Bottomline, if you are training in Boulder for any amount of time I suggest you give it a go. A must do Boulder classic if you will.

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