Back in the hood…

Every once in a while I have these weird moments where I feel like I am in such a different place in my life but at the same time I am where I have always been…if that makes any sense. Today we did some mile repeats around Viele Lake by Fairview High in SOBO. I was doing my warm up with Ouier, one of Neal’s athletes who is from Spain and he was asking me where I grew up. I said Boulder and we were running right by Fairview and I pointed at the building and said that’s where I went to HS. So I was running along the lake that I ran along 9 years ago during high school cross country. Strange how many places I have been, lived, traveled and all the things I have done and yet I am still doing a workout in the same place almost a decade later. Glad I am at least running faster…ha

Good session, 4x1mi repeats descending down to under 10k pace, went 5:19 on the last one so that was a solid set. Legs never felt great after a long weekend, 5 hr ride and 1:45 run sat and sun, but also standing at a swim meet all yesterday didn’t help either. This is prelims week for summer league so there is a meet each day for the different age groups and then it culminates in a finals session all day Saturday. Right now I am supposed to be doing a crit in Denver Sat morning and then will be at the pool the rest of the day.

Get in another good training week this week. Last week was big miles on the bike and quality run time, this week a bit less volume and more speed. Getting really excited to go to Tizzy for the World cup. I leave on the 4th so its coming up. Gotta find just a bit more run speed.

Old school….Go Knights

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