special thank to Kiwami

Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to Andre and the people at Kiwami for helping me out in a big way as I get ready for my first World Cup. If you don’t know WC’s have very strict rules on what kind of logos, fonts, placing you can have on your race uniform. This means that anytime you are getting ready for one you have to make sure your uni is printed correctly and unfortunately it is just one more thing that adds to the cost of racing.

Andre at Kiwami hooked the team up with race suits at the beginning of the year because although he couldn’t really give us much he really like the team concept and the way we were doing things. After making the world cup and having to get a uni printed, Lance helped me out and went back to him to see about getting a new uni that was screened with my name and USA and the ITU logo. Very simple, but the required stuff, and he totally came through!! Much thanks to Kiwami for helping me out. They make great suits and I loved racing in their amphibian so far this year. Super fast both with and without a wetsuit! Thanks again

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