Tiszaujvaros here I come

So this past Saturday my first World Cup start was granted and I will be heading to Hungary the beginning of August for the race. My dad is going with me, which will be really cool since he has spent some time over there before and it will be nice to have someone to travel and share the trip with. We will leave the Tuesday before the race, get there Wednesday evening and then the race is on Sunday. Hopefully 3 full days there will be enough time to adjust, never been to Europe before so really have no idea what to expect. Then we are going to spend a couple days in Budapest checking out the city. The race is in Tiszaujvaros which is about 2 hrs away from Budapest and is supposed to be a pretty cool little town. Heard nothing but good things about the race so I am really excited to be hitting the big stage!

Check back for training updates as I build up to it. Today was definitely a crusher in the pain cave. We did a bunch of Vo2 max and LT intervals with O2 and it turned into an hour and fourty five minute flogging. Good stuff though, the legs were better than I had expected. Got in a good swim tonight and did a short brick run off the bike. Big session in the water tomorrow and a longer ride. Just gotta come up with some 10k speed and I will be money come August 9th.

The tour has been great, the all star game was fairly entertaining, and since Rhodsey and Erin got to town there have been plenty of movies watched. Nothing like a couple Kiwi’s to keep you entertained.

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