Boulder Peak…

So today was the Boulder Peak, and I want to start by saying that this was basically the first race I every did when I was 15, and hopefully will be a race I can continue doing every year till I am done. I love this race because the swim is fast, the bike is tough and the run, well for lack of a better word is brutal, so when I say I love it, its definitely love/hate. But the race on the whole is awesome. For starters it is awesome to be doing a race in my home town, in front of tons of people I know, and especially when some good friends decide to come out wearing shirts with my image on them that say “Cam Dye Happens.” What else can you do but go fast right?

The day started normal enough. Normal pre race oatmeal and banana and an easy warm up ride over to the race. Got settled, picked up my chip and went for a jog. Then final touches, taped on the gels and salt tabs and headed down to the water. It was a beautiful day in Boulder, and as the race went on the weather actually got better as it started to cloud over a bit cooling things down.

Swim started well, got out with Mark and Brian and by the first buoy had separated ourselves with Tim O just a bit back. The swim seemed really long, and after finishing and seeing splits it wasn’t my imagination, as the times were all about 2.5 mins slower than last year. Hit the beach in a close third and ripped off the speed suit up the hill to T1. Had a good one and got out on the bike well, and by the half mile mark had moved into first and put the hammer down. I really wanted to establish a good pace and see about getting the prime for first rider over old stage. The legs felt good and Rhodsey was kind enough to lend me some fast wheels so the Transition was flying. Got to the top of OS and ripped it on the way down. Apart from a close call with a less than stellar driver in a BMW it was smooth and on to the flats where I mashed my big gear almost the whole way. By the time we got back to the res I was leading and feeling good, and later found out I became one of 8 guys now that have broken the 1 hour mark on that course.

The run was a bit tough, the weather was great but never really found much turnover in the legs after the first lap. But luckily I had done enough damage to hold off most of the boys and ended up 4th for the day. Huge props to Paul Matthews for a crazy double over the weekend and hats off to Tim O for a solid race. I was pretty pleased with the outcome, always nice to go well in front of your friends, and the money is a big bonus. It will help pay my way to Hungary next month for my first world cup so that is awesome!

Overall, another good race at the Peak, finally nice to crack the top five and make some coin. Thanks again to Barry and Jodee Siff for putting on a great race and to my family and friends for coming out and supporting me. You guys mean the world to me. Now just gotta find some speed on the run heading into this WC. Cheers

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