Boulder Peak final prep…

This week has been a nice change from the last two crazy hard weeks. Been a lot less volume and more specific stuff heading into the Peak this Sunday. Had a good track workout Tuesday and then Wednesday took the TT out on the bike course. First time I have ridden it up and over Old Stage and the thing pretty much drives itself. Had a good brick run, and then some good speed work in the pool. Today was a bit more speed in the pool and a nice easy ride to spin the legs out. This will be my only race for July so trying to get ready to blow out a good one. So far from what I have seen the field will be stacked as usual, but I guess that is what happens when a handful of the worlds greatest can roll out of bed and ride over to the res for the race.

Whoever shows up it will be a good race and I am excited to throw down again after 3 weeks off. There are a couple other big races to watch this weekend including Lifetime up in Minneapolis and the Kitzbuehl WCS race over in Austria. Along with a 70.3 in Rhode Island, and the ITU conti cup in San Fran that Kristen and Jimmy went to, it is a busy race weekend for everyone including the WL squad.

Still waiting for the start list for Tizzy world cup, but am optimistic that I will get a spot. Legs are feeling good and if I can ride Sunday like I did Wednesday should be in a good place come the run. Its weird racing from home because it doesn’t feel much like a race with no travel, but I will skip the trip to the airport and packing the bike any day. Gotta love home cooking the night before a race.

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