Tour de France is bananas

Those of you know me well know that over the last couple years I have said that I was going to bring the phrase “that is banana’s” back into use. Well, after watching the first few days of the tour I can think of no better way to put it than this tour is bananas. A crazy up and down first stage time trial split the field way up, and then a ridiculous break away yesterday during a cross-wind further divided the group up into those that still have a shot, and those that should pack up. Then today’s team time trial on a very technically challenging course lead to some crazy things and now all the sudden the time trial king of the world and the wily old veteran are essentially both wearing the sports most coveted prize. What a crazy first week, and with tomorrow being another flat stage for the sprinters it will be interesting to see if Columbia or one of the other teams can find a way to break things up again.

Meanwhile, the other story line is who will lead Astana, the team of all contenders? I mean really, this is like the Yankees who every year try and buy the best of the best. Right now they have some 4 guys in the GC top 6 and the guy that was supposed to be the leader is now behind the old guy who is supposed to be working for him. Anyone the wrote Lance off as a joke, think again, and anyone who isn’t watching the tour every day should turn on the tube. Gonna be a great couple of weeks.

Oh and Colorado’s most loved hockey player, Joe Sakic, is a going to retire after 20 seasons. Hats off to one of the classiest guys to ever play the sport, or any sport for that matter.

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