Brick, twitter, world cups

So this morning we headed to the track up at Fairview as always but this time we brought our bikes and trainers. Those of you that know triathlon know exactly where it went from there. Set up the bikes, did our normal warm up and then embarked on 6x 4min riding(30 sec hard, 3 min at LT, 30 sec ez) and right into a 600m at 5k pace. If it doesn’t sound hard, well it is. But it is a great representation of the bike to run feeling you get at a draft legal race where the first 1k of the run usually goes out in under 3min. Personally, it was a solid workout but nothing to write home about. Legs are heavy from the weekend and a bit beat up from a massage I got yesterday. Was holding 1:53 or so for the 600m’s and 400 watts for the hard part, right on 310 for the LT. Good solid work, followed by an easy swim at Scotty and a dip in the creek to hopefully help the legs recover better.

On another note I have officially gone to the darkside and started a twitter account. For the record though, it was only because Vic, the teams business strategist and my homie from way back in the day, thinks the networking is exactly what companies are looking for. Hence, the blog, twitter, website bombardment of WLR. Check me out at camdye.

Finally, I have been trying to decide what to do in between Boulder Peak and Nationals 6 weeks later and today I decided to throw my name in the ring for my first World Cup start on Aug. 9th in Tiszaujvaros, Hungary. So far it looks pretty good for me getting a start, and then all these points I have been working to get the last couple years will start to pay off. Keep your fingers crossed should know around the 11th of July.

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