Back to the grind…

This past weekend was the first of the month that I have been in town and it was nice to get in a good long weekend of work. Did a four hour ride with Vic on Saturday up to Carter lake and then yesterday Jim, KP, Lance, and I headed up to Ned and ran the trails and a big of Magnolia for our long run. You would think having pretty much always lived at altitude that a couple more thousand feet wouldn’t be a big deal, but you get up there to 8,500 and you really start to feel it. Good bit of training though and this next week, which I just saw on training peaks, is gonna be another good one. Need the work going into the Boulder Peak on the 12th, and then just trying to figure out what to do between that and ITU nationals the middle of August.

There was another great ITU WCS race in Des Moines over the weekend that on the guys side ended in a six man sprint down the chute. Can’t wait till next year when hopefully I will be in a position to get a spot on the start list and go rep the Hawks at a race in Iowa. Honestly, a few years ago when they first started talking about the race in Iowa I was a bit skeptical because, well, Iowa and triathlon are not normally associated. But this was the 3rd year of the ITU race and they have done an amazing job of hosting the athletes, setting up for the race, and even last year with the weather they pulled off a big time venue switch. But I should expect nothing better from Iowans.

Lastly, it was a shame to see the US throw away a 2-0 lead on Brazil in the Confed Cup final, but a silver medal in the second best tournament in the world is pretty impressive. I can understand the players being tired of playing for respect and they want to win, but they certainly have the world’s attention now, and when the WC comes around next year hopefully they can continue their rise in the world’s biggest game.

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