Birthday wishes and research monkeys

So first off thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. Wednesday night was a lot of fun, went and checked out the Rapids play soccer in Denver and then went out for a bit. Good night all around, and I definitely recommend going to see the Rapids. $12 gets you a seat 20 feet from the field along the end line. Great seats and it beats a movie on a nice night.

Then today got my first shot at my new part time job of being a research monkey for a company here in town that makes oxygen sensors for hospitals. They are working on proving their accuracy claim and since sick people have enough issues they pay the broke healthy people that will do whatever for some cash. Went in today, got all strapped up with 6 different sensors and then they throw a mask over your face and regulate your oxygen intake. It was kind of cool, and being in the kind of shape I am I didn’t have any problems with it. Basically, I just laid there and got hauled up the side of Mt McKinley to about the O2 equivilent of 18,000 feet. Never been in an oxygen tent but I am guessing it is similar. Anyway, kind of cool and it will be interesting to see how an elite athlete fairs versus the other test subjects.

Oh and for the record I think the Shaq trade to the Cav’s was a bad one.

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