On the road again…

Well I got home late on Monday evening and I am leaving again tomorrow night for another race. It will be the first stamp in my passport which is nice, and I will finally be using this whole racing thing to see a bit of the world. Tomorrow night Lance and I are flying overnight to Montreal, by way of Calgary, and then driving some 20k to a little town called Coteau-du-loc which is where the ITU is hosting a continental cup on Saturday afternoon. This race will be filled with firsts for me, first non-USA race, first overnight flight to a race, first Sunday-Saturday race double. Will be interesting to see how the body handles it all. The legs today are still a bit sore from the flat fast, I mean crazy hilly and hard Alcatraz run but by tomorrow I am thinking they will be a bit more ready. Still plenty of time to rest up and get ready for a bit of draft-legal fun. Hopefully my french is at least understandeable, just saw a stat that said of the 6,000 people that live in CDL, 85% speak only french…ha should be interesting.

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