Another day at the office…

So I spent the weekend in KC seeing Tayler for the first time in a while and it was great. Got in some good heat training on the run, it is not humid in Boulder, and hung out and relaxed a bit the weekend before Alcatraz. Got back yesterday and had a quality swim last night.

Today was just another day at the office, and by office I mean beautiful Boulder, well not so much lately, but in general its awesome. Had a great track session this morning with Neal and the team at my old stomping grounds at the FHS track. Did some speed work, 4x?? 200’s at mile race pace with a 100 jog in between. I put ?? because the first and last rounds were 5, 2nd round was 6, 3rd round was 7. I felt really good through it all averaging 35.5’s the whole way through and then finished with a 30. Form looked good, and Neal thinks my running technique is coming along well, which hopefully will be the case come sundays tough run.

After the track went to Scotty to spend some time in the long course pool, just a 20 min straight swim but they are way better LC. After the swim headed across the park to Boulder creek for a nice frigid ice bath for the legs, I swear it has gotten colder now that more snow is melting. Then drove straight up to BCSM for a massage. Not a feel good massage, but the legs needed the work with a tough couple of weeks coming up. Alcatraz on Sunday which I am psyched for and then I am finally going to stamp my passport when I head up to Montreal for an ITU race next Sat. Be a tough double, but a good couple weeks racing.

Lastly, got a new pair of Zeals… the wasabi green Flyer’s..check them out at

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