How not to win a cat 4 crit

So yesterday I decided to enter the second crit of my life, and those of you that have read my blog before understand that there was a little hesitation about the decision considering my past experience and Alcatraz is two weeks from yesterday. But I decided that it was a good course and if I rode hard would be a good workout, good bike work, and I would be unharmed. This is where the title comes in.

If you want to make sure you don’t have a chance at the sprint for the finish lead 95% of the race and sit up about a half mile from the finish line. Especially a Cat 4 crit where if someone is willing to lead, everyone else is plenty willing to follow. I had a poor start, was in the back and got yo-yo’s a lot the first loop, and decided coming up a long straight away I was gonna move up. Well, to my surprise my steady increase in effort got me by everyone and to the front where I stayed for basically the whole race except when I ducked out of hte way to let the field tear each other up for the prime sprints. Then I would reassume my spot at the front and keep pulling. Now it wasn’t exactly a TT because there were some good corners and I did spend a lil time in the group, but for the most part just hammered at the front stringing out the field. Held about 370 watts for the 45 mins which is good considering the course was solid and there was some wind and to be honest felt a whole lot better today than I expected. Maybe my legs are getting stronger.

After the race Jim and I did a brick run, solid 20 mins, a shame none of the other cyclist wanted to come. You do get some funny looks when you dump the bike in the car, throw on running shoes, and take off at a good clip.

Anyway, good workout, good experience on the bike, and it will make the ITU rides seem like cake walks. Over and out.

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